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e-Books on Biblical Archaeology subjects by (Ronald Stewart)

Author (Ronald Stewart) provides e-Books, other types of books, and related products, based upon previous peer-reviewed papers in different Biblical Archaeology subjects.


An E-Book re-examining the recent claims by Dr. Douglas Petrovich, Ph.D. claiming to have discovered the World's Oldest Hebrew Alphabet. Author (Ronald Stewart) provides new evidence that these claims have serious flaws. This author reveals new  evidence that he may not only have discovered "pre-writing-Hebrew-depictions of not only "Moses", but of also "The Pharaoh of Moses",  "The Israelite Exodus Crossing Through The Red Sea" , and other similar discoveries of "Moses" and The "10-Commandments" on today's traditional Mount Sinai.

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In the distance i the old faithful city of Jerusalem

In this example, author Ronald Stewart provides the concentration of his research and eBooks centering around subjects from  the Old Testament of the Bible, Israel, Mount Sinai, and cities like Jerusalem.

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